Brotherly Love

I just love it when my boys settle down next to each other, and take a nap. About two seconds after I took this picture, I had to give each of them a kiss on their cute little faces.


Two is Better Then One

I often tell the families that adopt one of our fosters, that they will end up coming back for a second one, because Boston Terriers are like potato chips, you can’t have just one. Well I guess that is now holding true with fostering more then one at a time. When my husband and I started out volunteering we did small things to help the rescue group and starting pet sitting for the foster homes, well that slowly turned into full time fostering. Through out the years, we have had around 22 fosters, each with their own personality and special little quirk that sets them apart from the others. Currently we have two fosters, one was found as a stray and the lady that found him named him Walter. He hasn’t been neutered yet (but will be soon) so we have been calling him “Sir hump-a-lot”. You can see why below:

Just look at Walter’s face. Poor Chulo wasn’t even aware of what was about to happen.

Our most recent foster, just arrived last night. He was born on November 2nd, which is a Mexican Holiday “The Day of the Dead”, the original owners named him “Nacho”. I think it’s a great name and of course my husband and I are already spinning other names into it. lol