West Bloomfield / Child / Photographer

I want to start out by saying I’ am such a horrible blogger, this is an area that I tend to neglect when it comes to having too much work to do, ok that isn’t entirely true, my poor website hasn’t been updated in…….  goodness I can’t even remember how long that has been.  

Anyways, in an effort to get caught up on my blog posts I’ll keep these next series of posts short and sweet.     This current session is of three adorable boys, two of which are twins.

The adorable older brother..
LOVE this next one..
And I leave you with one last photo of each of the twin boys.

Michigan / Ann Arbor / Newborn / Photographer

Persistence pays off……

Most newborns are unpredictable as much as I would love to say that I walk into a home, and the babies sleep from the moment I arrived to the second I leave.  But truth be told, that has yet to happen for me.   Little Mason took about 45 minutes to fall asleep, I say personally think it’s because they know how much I want to squeeze their cute little cheeks or nibble on their tiny feet. lol   With a little persistence, he did finally fall asleep and once he did he was a champ and I got so many adorable shots of this cutie.

One of my favorite photos from his session

I love this one too.

OK, who I’m I kidding, he’s adorable in all of them

And lastly, a photo of baby Mason with Mom and Dad

Congrats to the “M & L”, what a wonderful gift you were given with that sweet little angel.:-)