Engagement, Arlie & Dion

During the colder months I tend to do more children photo session, but as the weather starts to change and wedding season approaches, I start to work on couples, high school seniors and weddings.   There is nothing more beautiful then seeing two people so in love.  

I met up with Arlie and Dion in downtown Plymouth to do their engagement photos, it just so happens that they meet each other there.  From across the room in a crowded bar they spotted each other, and it was actually Arlie that approached Dion.  Way to go girl.:-)

I couldn’t resist…:-)

CleoFebruary 17, 2012 - 12:37 am

Nice JOB Tammy!! I fell in love with your work, with this couple and their engagement shoot…. how about that little Bail in the window??? I just love what you do… nice work and the quality is AWESOME!!!


Warren / Newborn / Photographer

I have a confession, I really enjoy doing newborn photos.  That doesn’t say that it doesn’t come with a challenge, I mean lets face it babies are unpredictable.   BUT nevertheless they are so stinkin adorable.:-)

I’d like you to meet “Jameson” and his big brother “Jacks”.

I <3 private moments between parents and their baby

I will end this post of a picture perfect family..