Cats Eyes

My husband and I went to a friends house last night. He has two of the most adorable cats ever, just look at how beautiful their eyes are. Meet, Lexi and Remi.



AnaDeRouxAugust 31, 2008 - 10:37 pm

Tammy those are amazing!!!


September is Puppy Mill Awareness Month

For the month of September, I would like to draw attention to Puppy Mills. One of our fosters was a breeding dog from a puppy mill. Elsie was picked up on a cold fall day, she was covered in feces and her nails were so long that they were curled back into her paw pads. We tried to get her to go potty before our long ride home, but she had never set foot on grass before, and immediately put her belly to the ground, scared of what was going to happen. When we got home, we gave her a bath, clipped her nails & cleaned out her ears. She was terrified, never before has she been let out of her crate other then to breed. Elsie was also bull legged and her toes were spread apart from being in a wire cage with no solid bottom. You see, she was born and bred in the mill. Elsie was with us for 7 months before she got adopted. She learned to chew on toys, she was obsessed with playing fetch with her foster brothers, but more importantly, she learned to trust humans and know what it was like to live a normal, much loved life. When Elsie was adopted it was very hard to see her go, even though we knew the home she was going to was going to give her the love and care she deserved.

Elsie is lucky that she had a happy ending. There are thousands of dogs that are currently in puppy mills, most will either be sold to research after their breeding days are over, or maybe a few will get lucky and be released into rescue groups. About 90% of all puppies that come from pet stores are being supplied from puppy mills. By purchasing one of those cute little puppies in the stores, you are keeping up the supply and demand and the mills will continue to breed as long as they can sell the dogs.

A person can tell a lot about a pet by looking into their eyes. Notice the first pictures of Elsie, taken only a few weeks after she was placed in our home. You can see the fear and uncertainty in her eyes.

Then compare it to the second picture, her soul is free from all the bad things that happened to her in her past and you can now see the joy in her eyes and the love of life that she has now.

We are so blessed to have had Elsie in our lives; she had given us yet another reason to continue to help these pets in need. We are often asked “How can you keep letting your fosters go?” Our answer is always the same “If we kept them, we wouldn’t have room in our home to help the next one.” This is the only reason we are able to keep moving forward. Yes, it’s extremely hard to see them go, however, we know we can’t turn our back on the next pet in need.

**On September 20th from 12-4, there will be a Puppy Mill Awareness walk in Northville, Michigan. Please join us and support the cause.**