Michigan / West Bloomfield / Newborn / Photographer

Tiny toes & hands, cute little lips, these are just a few things I adore about doing newborn sessions.   I’d like you to meet Isabella, she was actually about three weeks old at the time of her photo session.  

I arrive at the clients home and as I’ am setting up, I’ am learning that Isabella is the first grandchild in the family and that the family is HUGE.   By huge I mean their are always people coming and going, and baby Isabella is always surrounded by people to love on her.   Not only that, but they’ll have their camera phones ready to capture every cute little moment.  :-)   That’s actually a funny story, I was taking photos and I look back behind my shoulder and there are three camera phones taking photos of Isabella and of course they were off posting them to facebook. lol

OK enough of me rambling, here are just a few of my favorites from Isabella’s session.

Don’t you just love those lips?

I adore this moment between Mom and Isabella

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