Milford / Michigan / Child / Photographer

I have to start this post out with a little story, bare with me. 

As I was working on Contessa’s photos, I was also getting marketing stuff ready for a show that I did at the Jewish Community Center, in West Bloomfield.  I decided to use one of Contessa’s photos in a flyer I was going to hand out.   Fast forward to the day of the event, there was a group of grandmas walking by, one happened to see the flyer and noticed one of the photos, she starts yelling “thats my Contessa, thats my Contessa”, while grabbing a hand full of flyers to show all her friends the photo.   I couldn’t help but smile, as I watched her, so proud of her grandchild.  Grandma is seriously the cutest thing ever, I just loved her.
With all that said, here are a few photos of beautiful little Contessa.
I’m not sure why, but I can’t even begin to tell you how many times kids stick there tongue out at me during a photo session. LOL Good thing I’ am also sassy at heart, so I love it. 
A beautiful moment between Contessa, and her beautiful Mom
I’ll end this post with the photo that I included on that flyer.  Just for you Grandma.:-)

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