Michigan / Canton / Family Photographer

Through all my experience with photographing families and young children, I have learned a valuable lesson, bring a “surprise” for the younger children.    Of course the surprise will vary depending on the age group, but nevertheless its a great thing to have, if you have a really camera shy child.

With that in mind, I bring you the “lollipop”.   Logan wasn’t thrilled with taking family photos, but once he learned I had a little something for him, he was willing to humor me.  And let me tell you, I happen to think it worked quite well.  :-)

This photo was taken prior to the lollipop, he was actually hiding around that tree until he found that feather.:-)

A photo of Tyler, the oldest son, he was great to work with and would have done anything I asked of him.  :-)

A couple photos of boys together,

Mom and Dad and boys being boys. This whole series makes me smile.

Before I share the last photo from their session, a little back ground.  Mom and Dad wanted a few photos  of just them, so the boys were off to the side eating their lollipops and I had them sitting in the grass getting some really great moments between the two of them.  HA HA, yeah right, like the boys were going to let that happen.  :-)  They both charged into the shot, but I happen to LOVE this photo and it’s one of my favorites from this session.

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