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Some of you may be wondering, “What is trash the dress”? Trash the dress (also referred to as TTD) is typically done the day after a wedding and it gives the bride and groom an opportunity to have some more relaxed, fun and sometimes wet (he he) photos. TTD is also usually done at a different location then where their wedding was held. For example, maybe a nearby city for some urban type photos, or a growing trend for most destination wedding couples is the ocean as their location of choice.

The biggest concern with most brides (and their family in some cases) is, “won’t getting my dress wet ruin it?” Well lets look back to your wedding day, walking around having your wedding dress dragging on the ground or even dancing around with a beverage in your hand, maybe having a little bit of the beverage spill on your dress. Your dress probably ended up getting pretty dirty by the end of the night, right? Well, in most cases the salt water will actually clean your dress from all the fun you had the night before. Yes that’s right I have had many of my previous brides tell me that after their TTD session, their dress was actually cleaner.

Now onto the fun part, the actual TTD photos. This really is a great way to express yourself, and relax from the stress you may have had on your wedding day. Here is a recent TTD shoot I did in Riviera Maya, I was thrilled when Amy and Joe told me they wanted to do a sunrise session.

My assistant for this wedding, Trisha from Faber Photography took this next photo of me with Amy and Joe, I know many of my readers say I’ am never in any of my posts, so this is for you. I look just horrible, but they look cute don’t they.:-)

To see even MORE photos from this TTD session, check out this slideshow

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