Chicago / Boudoir / Michigan Photographer

I have done many boudoir photos for women that aren’t a size two and are very self conscience about their body, actually I also had a size 2 girl react the same why. Lets face it, we are our worst critiques.

With all that said, my favorite boudoir sessions are the the ladies that show up, have fun and just let their fears go at the door. I mean lets face it not too many people are there are 100% happy with their body. But I will say this, you will end up looking back at your session, and say “I’ am so glad I did that, it’s great to see how beautiful I’ am”.

“S” is another amazing women I did boudoir photos for, at Hotel Blake in Chicago. I can’t even begin to tell everyone how much fun she was, I had such a great time photographing her and even had to try to stop laughing so I can hold my camera steady.

If you are interested in settting up a boudoir session, please contact me. I also do group rate discounts.

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