Dog Collar / Fundraiser / Michigan Pet Photograher

I’ am very excited to announce a joint effort between PB&J; World and MWBTR. PB&J; World has donated their time and talent, and created a special addition collar, where all proceeds from the sale of this collar will go to Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue to help with all their medical needs foster dogs.

As you all know, my current foster Nismo is one of those medical needs Bostons. Nismo has Spinal Bifida and is duel incontinence. Nismo might also loose control over his back legs, in which he would either need surgery or be required to move around in a custom wheel chair.

This beautiful collar was created in Nismo’s honor, it’s called “Nismo’s Journey Home”. To order, just click on the PB&J; world link above, supply is limited.

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